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Choosing an IT consultant who can navigate the intricacies of language, culture, and complex problem-solving with ease can make a significant difference in your project’s success. My unique blend of soft skills complements my technical capabilities, positioning me as an invaluable partner in your organization’s journey towards technological advancement.

Data Architect Developer Project Manager Consultant Data Engineer
Data Architect Developer Project Manager Consultant Data Engineer

My Expertise

Born as a software developer in 1998 I made my way  through different roles at my employer, such as analyst, project manager and team leader.

As a freelancer since 2011 I work with customers (SMB) in different branches (sales, production, ...) and accompany them through most of their projects as consultant as well as project manager and engineer.

My approach to any project is twofold: firstly, to understand and execute a solution that meets the intricate needs of the business, and secondly, to ensure that the client’s team is fully equipped to take the helm post-deployment.

I am often called upon to architect and implement robust solutions that address complex business challenges. Whether it's streamlining data processes through effective data engineering or integrating EDI systems for seamless business communication, I handle each project with a blend of strategic insight and technical acumen.

The true measure of a project's success is the client’s ability to independently manage the solution. Post-implementation, I conduct comprehensive training sessions, develop detailed documentation, and provide hands-on workshops to ensure that the client’s employees are proficient in operating and maintaining the new system. This process involves:

  • Customer Training Programs
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Ongoing Support and Coaching

My ultimate goal is to leave clients with not just a state-of-the-art solution, but also with a sense of ownership and self-reliance. I take pride in my ability to demystify complex IT concepts and foster an environment of learning and autonomy. The success of my approach is reflected in the clients who not only see their immediate issues resolved but also report long-term improvements in their operational efficiency and staff expertise.

In the dynamic field of IT consultancy, the fusion of soft skills with technical expertise can significantly enhance the quality of service and client satisfaction. My trilingual proficiency in Italian, German, and English, combined with a sharp ability to dissect complex problems, places me at a distinctive advantage in international and multicultural project environments.

In the realm of technology, the tools and languages one masters can set the stage for innovation and efficiency. My technical skills are both broad and deep, encompassing a range of languages and tools that allow me to tackle projects with precision and adaptability.

  • Database Platforms and Data Management Tools (MS Sql Server, Azure Fabric, Snowflake, SQL, SSIS, ...)
  • EDI Tools (Lobster_data)
  • Business Intelligence Tools (QlikView, QlikSense, PowerBI)
  • Programming Languages (Delphi, Java and JavaScript, C#, Python, ...)


Bridging Technical Skills with Soft Skills

Speaking three languages (Italian, German, English) fluently, I can effortlessly navigate multicultural and multilingual project environments, ensuring clear communication and collaboration among diverse stakeholders. This ability is crucial when coordinating complex projects across different geographical locations, as it ensures that all parties are on the same page, regardless of their native language.

My capacity to quickly understand complex problems allows me to reduce the time from problem identification to resolution, ensuring projects remain on track and within budget. This analytical skill is especially beneficial when working with intricate data systems or troubleshooting during critical phases of project deployment.

By merging my technical expertise with these soft skills, I ensure that the solutions I implement are not only technologically sound but also culturally and linguistically tailored to meet the needs of a global client base. This comprehensive approach translates to smoother project executions and ultimately, greater client satisfaction.

Your Technology Ally

With my rich palette of technical skills and multilingual agility, coupled with a sharp analytical acumen, I am prepared to be your ally in navigating the complexities of modern IT projects. Whether it's data management, system integration, or developing bespoke software solutions, my aim is to drive your business towards technological excellence and innovation.

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